Ushering And Security Department

Our team members are representative of the church. We are responsible for welcoming visitors, new members, as well as ministers to the church. We do this with sincere warmness and smiles. We ensure that congregants feel at home and feel welcome during services. (Romans 12vs13; contribute to the needs of the saints and show hospitality). We maintain order and operational excellence during services, ensuring that all worshipers are warmly received, guided and informed during our meetings.

Our responsibilities include:

Serving as guide to members, new members and visitors, in and around the church.

Passing out information and other important materials to church members and guests during and after services.

Collecting church giving during services.

Keeping entrances and passages from been crowded/blocked and maintaining order during services

Ensuring general safety of all members and visitors as well as their belongings during services.

Maintaining social norms within and around the church during services.

We do all these and any other responsibilities the pastor deems necessary. We encourage you to join our team.

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