Outreach Ministry

Evangelism: Jesus Stlye

The Outreach Ministry is an amalgamation of the Information, Evangelism, Follow-up, and Administrative departments, for efficiency, accountability, and synergy.

The primary function is evangelism, information dissemination and edification, follow-up and caring, and administration. As well as to assist members and friends of the church build lasting relationships, care for one another, and grow in Christ likeness.

The Outreach Ministry is a team that serve as ‘‘the eye, the ear and the voice’’ of the Church to capture and amplify the messages and activities of the church within the local assembly and around the globe. The ministry is tasked with creating excellent, distraction-free experiences that enhance encounters with God for all members and first-time visitors alike during our services. Also, made an edited portion aired for the viewing of members and viewership online via our social media platforms.

We strive to create an information and online presence that demonstrate kingdom lifestyle and values; we engage with universal content that is enlightening, interesting, inspiring, and Godly.

We ensure that our guests (first timers, ministers) and visitors are warmly received, guided, informed, and generally made to feel at home. At Jesus House Columbia – we want everyone in our community to feel at home.


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  • 1301 Vandiver Dr. Suite L, Columbia MO. 65202
  • (573) 442-4859
  • info@jesushousecolumbia.org
  • Sunday Service Worship Time
    Prayer Meeting
    8:30AM – 9:00AM

    Sunday School
    9:00AM – 10:00AM

    Worship Service
    10:00AM – 12:00AM

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Family Day (Men’s Ministry)

October 17, 2020
Jesus House Columbia -RCCG